Thank you for that group where being so different we were so equal, that just by being together we already helped each other in essence.
Thank you for including me in this brotherhood of Leela that emerged in this workshop during this wonderful and magical weekend...
And for helping us connect and learn about this self-inquiry tool. Thank you.



It was a very valuable time for me, to listen to myself and listen, share and walk in company from love, life and feeling. In search of well-being, feeling peace, personal growth, from the spirituality that I begin to feel in me, a new way of being and staying in this world. I feel gratitude, healing, liberation and inner peace. Thank you!



I left the meeting moved, comforted and very grateful for the group that was formed and for those who were guiding us during the workshop, both Maurizio and Fresia. Thank you Maurizio, for bringing us this entertaining and creative form of self-knowledge, which has been in the world for so many years and now you bring it within our reach, it was a pleasure to share the space and see how the fruits of Claudio Naranjo continue making their own fruits, an indescribable sensation, a very beautiful circle and it is greatly appreciated. What I can say, beyond everything, is that it is a gift. I left trusting in the power of love again.



First of all, I feel grateful for having been able to attend this workshop full of light and clarity.
In my personal case I have received the necessary answers to achieve progress in my goals.
"Enjoying the journey" has been a clear message that helps to fully understand what the game is showing us.
Thank you for offering this clarifying and effective workshop that puts the ego in its rightful place.



The game is really enriching. It helped me get out of a rut, it showed me my current state of consciousness and how it manifests in my life. I have been able to deepen some things and I have found others. Interesting! It has also allowed me to reconnect with what I really feel: life is a game. And playing is a serious task but also a lot of fun. Infinite thanks to the great teacher Maurizio.



Maha Leela is a very useful tool for self-knowledge. A different and entertaining way of questioning our vision and, with the invaluable help of our partner, being able to shed light on the corners of our minds that otherwise tend to remain in the dark.
An even more enriching experience due to the fact that we share the path with other seekers since we learn by adding experiences.
A meeting place where we can ask ourselves those questions, Who am I? What is my path?



After going through the experience I recommend it for its initiatory depth…
I have known Maurizio for years and I have always admired him as a friend, from him I have learned to open myself to something greater. With your feet on the ground and your head in the sky.



This game is very interesting, very deep, in the sense that it makes you think because of course, nothing is casual. I find it very stimulating. Maurizio seems to me to be a very good therapist, very respectful, you can see that he has experience because he has a very gentle way of approaching people, sometimes he has to ask a bit strong questions, but he always knows how to make the person not close in faced with a question that is a bit strong, a bit intimate. He knows how to win your trust and let you go, which is a very important quality.



Thank you for the opening of my consciousness that triggered playing in the Maha Leela, through my emotions and recognizing them as mine. It showed me the way to go. Now I have to put it into practice by internalizing it. Thank you.



It was fabulous. The space was unique and Maurizio has a very special aura, he handles people with great care, lots of tools and an immense knowledge of people. He takes them by the hand and teaches them that tarot-type game, oracle-type, plus personal therapy, which is a very powerful tool and he knows it very well. I recommend the experience to everyone who wants to dig deeper into their blocking points and to see the path we have come to travel.



For me the encounter with Maha Leela meant magic. The word is magic because there were impressive events. I am left with the desire to continue “playing” and to continue investigating.



Again I find in my path a tool to trust. The difference is that it stops you in unnoticed aspects and gives you the opportunity to become aware. An immense mirror where many of us recognized ourselves and accompanied each other in sharing our blockages. Magical encounter, I recommend it.



For me, Leela has been an experience of rediscovering myself through the play of each person in the group.
It was also becoming aware of my limits and trusting my intuition to continue being more attentive and more present.
Thanks for everything!



It helped me understand the moment in which I was passing, it gave me clarity about this moment. Very good accompaniment from Maurizio Cei, present, professional, loving, very good questions that made me get in touch with my issues that I had not seen and help me to clarify problems. I recommend the experience ”.

C.P. (Uruguay)


It was a very strong experience that opened many questions for me. I would recommend it ”.
A.T. (Chile)


"The Maha Leela workshop facilitated by Maurizio was for me a dynamic, profound and clarifying experience. Attending the workshop made it easier for me to contact questions that I was not addressing right now and also gave me a vision of the here and now and also direction. If you have the occasion I recommend you attend”.
Anna Escudé (Barcelona)


Maha Leela's session with Maurizio gave me openness, knowledge, self-observation. It was a powerful and revealing experience ”.
D.G. (Uruguay)


I feel that the experience gave me a connection with the present. Understanding of my feelings. Interpretation of events. It was very magical to see what was unveiling on the board... without having said it yet…"
M.S. (Mexico)


Lots of clarity, calm and guidance. I loved passing this experience and Maurizio's predisposition during the session. Thanks!
N.C. (Argentina)


I really liked the experience because it allowed me to clarify myself about the moment I am living and to better understand certain aspects of myself that interfere in my path and to be able to better visualize how to continue. The game is surprising and magical, and the accompaniment of Maurizio from his look and knowledge allows to integrate what the game is unveiling ”.
L.M. (Chile)


I really liked it! Seeing the obstacle before, and then observing my mechanisms, is being of great emotional and spiritual help. Personal work is always very rich, and this tool is helping me a lot in seeing myself, seeing my mechanisms and trying to heal and modify them ”.
M.U. (Germany)


The session gave me clarity, confidence and confirmation. Thanks a lot!”
E.C. (Brazil)


The Maha Leela game made it easier for me to experience through the squares, what is my particular path of evolution to follow. Sharing it in a group meant for me to connect with the fact that, if there is consciousness, we are all on our own path of growth, at the same time that we are part of evolution as humanity. Without a doubt, a gift to participate in the workshop! "

Emma (Barcelona)


The Maha Leela proposal elaborated by Maurizio is an opportunity to consult an invisible oracle. Connect with the wisdom of your own life. You will go as far as your dedication to the game allows you. Maurizio's support during the traveler's experience brings lucidity, helps to illuminate blind spots and unblock knots”.
Agustín (Barcelona)


Playing the Maha Lilah allowed me to connect with my intuitive wisdom, it enabled me to trust and listen to the subtlety that lives in me. Abandoning myself to the fate, I understood that even in this "arbitrariness" there is a meaning, an order and an opportunity to work on one's own aspects.

P.S. (Uruguay)