Maha Lilah is an energy field that guides in space-time so that each of us can "retrace" part of the journey of life by expanding awareness and consciousness.
A game of the soul and for the soul that brings back choices in this life. Full gratitude. (ORNELLA)

What I liked the most about the workshop is the therapeutic application of the game and the spiritual approach that you have given it.
I would have liked an explanation of each square, I think it would help the game. The direction and the proposals have seemed excellent to me. (Javier Sánchez)

Beautiful tool of self-knowledge, transcendent and deep.
I think it has helped me to look at aspects of my life in which I had pending work. Thank you for a nice introspection experience! (Alejandra)

I have lived the experience of the Maha Lilah as a path of consciousness. It did not matter where I arrived, but the observation of the different states and patterns that I was living. I liked that everything made sense: the mistakes and the shortcuts were also a source of inspiration. (Javier Gil)

In a moment of transformation towards I don't know where yet, I came across a name that seemed beautiful to me “Maha Lilah”. I searched and found this weekend of touching myself, of consciousness, of authenticity, of seeking and finding truths, of being able to look at them and, I could say, to reveal me. It is also curious because one of the things that I have felt very well inside is that I need to stop fighting, I need to stop offering so much resistance. I need to rest. Being aware that my Ithaca now is to stop offering resistance, resting, becoming more aware that I need to take care of myself and stop looking for confrontations, is thanks to Maha Lilah and the accompaniment received by her guide, Maurizio, by my companion and by the group. (Judith Reig)

Thank you very much Maurizio for this weekend of work. I loved the proposal, your way of structuring time and also your guide. I think it is a very productive workshop despite the fact that it is not very long and I recommend it to anyone interested in self-knowledge.
Even for those of us who are open to mystery in our highly materialistic culture/society, seeing magic happen when we give it space is amazing. Beyond the invaluable insights on my Path, I am taking a new friend with me who I believe will greatly enrich my life. (Alex Novial)

What I take from the workshop:
- heart opening
- connection with the divine
- love towards myself and others
Thank you very much for the workshop, I loved it. For me it was very spiritual. (Jan)

I really liked the workshop and the game that helped me to redefine and identify neurotic patterns and posible healthy ways out. (Amélia Arnoult)

The workshop has been a very rich experience. Its simplicity makes it accessible to anyone who wants to play with confidence in the process and faith that Maha Lilah is going to illuminate those parts of myself that need to be seen and heard.
The cultivation of availability, spaces for meditation, free movement and body movement constitute a way of connecting and ritualizing the practice. I am very grateful for what I have lived and shared. (Montse Margalló)

It was an impressive personal experience, an opening of my "ME", getting to know myself, a rebirth as a person, a way to connect with myself and grow. (Gaby)

It is a game that allows you to do an exercise in deep introspection from a different angle. It has allowed me to shed some more light on old issues and take on tasks and commitments for my personal development. (A.C.)

For me this workshop has been a breath of fresh mental air. Within the short age and youth that accompanies me, I have felt very supported, listened to and identified. It has helped me find answers that I had no questions about, I have known myself a little more, I have learned and at the same time I feel that I have taught.
I am proud and satisfied to have come this far, at this moment and with those dudes. It has been the place, the moment, the company, the appropriate teaching to make my journey something wonderful. (Carla Navarro Pérez)

The workshop has been revealing, powerful, I have laughed, cried and seen the theater of my life.
Everything that has happened has been a mirror, in the game, and in the interaction with the people in the group.
I am moved, and I know that this is my Path, there is no turning back, recognize myself, look at myself, learn.
For this reason, I am incredibly grateful to E. who invited me, and to me for the courage to do so and face my fears and shadows.
I wonder what cosmic magic is revealed in the dice, the board of our lives. (Jorge Duque)

My experience with the Maha Lilah has meant a reunion with the inner work that, due to circumstances, I had a little neglected.
Self-remembering is present on every square on the board you land on. Although some of them are a bit critical at first, Maurizio is always available to shed some light and help drive each of those insights home. Thanks for the work. (Sebastián Viera)

An inner search tool. The taste woke me up again to seek. Each square invited me to a slow journey that went through different stages that were already known, but the game allowed me to stop at each one and see what resonated with me. A realization that in the end everything is connected and the person I worked with brought me a mirror. The different planes, both mine and the other's, led me to enter my being and at the same time to see a little more the neurosis. I'm excited to continue, thank you! (Xana Gutierrez)

I have come to the workshop without having a clear idea of what Maha Lilah was and its potential. Nor did I had a clear idea of the intention that I was going to put into the game. What I found were two fantastic facilitators with a lot of wisdom and a group that from the first moment left me feeling safe.
There are many tears that we have shed during the game and the exercises and I leave with a feeling of hope and more purity.
Yes, I see something negative in the workshop: it lasted very, very little! (Erica)

Thank you for opening the space for experimenting and discovering what each one carries. It has been a comfortable space, which allowed to do the work and also the feedback. The help of the facilitators was genuine and they did not meddle in the process, but accompanied it. Thank you! (Ricky)

Watch the explanatory video, it is a very very interesting and useful workshop to guide you to make important decisions in your life, to guide you if you are in a moment of confusion or doubt, or to help you perceive the Light at the end of the tunnel if you are going through what some call “the dark night of the soul”. I had the honor and privilege of being able to attend the workshop the previous time (and I would attend again without a moment's hesitation if it wasn't for the fact that it coincides with an important concert that we do with a beautiful Gospel group that I've been in for a few months). The Maha Lilah is an oracle that, like other instruments such as the I-Ching or the Tarot, allows, like a ray ⚡️ of the sun 🌞 that crosses the clouds ☁️, to pierce the noise of the mind to connect with the inner voice of the inner Being. This voice is intuition, the voice with which the Spirit (our Essential Nature) expresses itself, a sublime melody that sounds continuously but that we cannot hear because it is covered by the noise that the mind generates when thinking. Meditation is the most effective way to develop this inner listening to align ourselves with the purpose of life, which is the impulse that the Inner Being brings (only when we are perfectly aligned with our purpose in life are we coherent in our thinking, feeling and doing and it is this perfect coherence that brings fulfillment), but sometimes the hustle and bustle of life and/or the storm of thoughts that circulate in the mind does not allow us to create this inner silence to be able to listen... It is precisely in those moments of hustle interior or exterior in which it is very useful to resort to an external element, to an "oracle" such as the Maha Lilah to be able to cross the mind like lightning and capture the information of the Being. (anonimo)

The Maha Lilah meant for me a space to reconnect with myself. I received some answer about my dissatisfaction, my relationship with sadness, anger and outdated ways to deal with it. It was clear the pattern I fell into and wonderful to allow myself to see a possible way out of my ego trap. (Romina Dolci - Maha Lilah Perú 2023)

The Maha Lilah helped me find the answers I needed to align with my initial purpose (...). It was going through and deepening my wounds to act differently and no longer repeat my unconscious patterns. These different ways are what will finally allow me to mature and grow in my path of life. (Fabiola F.)

I came to the workshop without expectations, but wanting to reconnect with the emotions and energy that I received from the SAT.
What I found is a very wise tool because when I focused on knowing what I needed to work on, it showed me my deepest wound and a path to start healing. (Alberto -  Maha Lilah Perú 2023)

It is an extremely powerful and uncomfortable experience for the ego, in this sense an experience that I sought to go through my own transforming process. I recommend it as a tracking tool for personal work. (María Jesús Natalie Paredes Sosa)

An experience with which I allowed myself to understand how I propose to configure in my life those scenarios in front of which I feel fear. Recognizing this allowed me to confront my neurosis and its shortcomings to resolve conflicts and from the Maha Lilah perspective to recognize aspects to work on and integrate into my life. (José Mariano Meza Cuadra Castillo - Maha Lilah Perú 2023)

I am happy and grateful for the Maha Lilah resource and Maurizio's accompaniment. I was somewhat sleepy in my personal work and now I have clarity of what I need to attend to. I leave the workshop with more desire for life. (Luis Alberto Bramont Arias García)

I arrived confused and doubtful. At this point, my ideas about my life's journey had become incredibly complicated, but I was certain that I would find those answers that were important to me and that I had been looking for in vain for a long time. The board and my guide Barbara were decisive, I understood what I had to do with regards to my professional and private life, not far-fetched things or vague ideas and intentions, but concrete actions (…). Serenity and good intentions (which I intend to keep) have finally entered me as a panacea for my soul, a smile has illuminated my face and an inner peace has enveloped my heart. There were two important aspects of this experience:
working with others, made of spontaneity, trust and great warmth;
a real introspection of the soul thanks to the help of the board and the ability of the game to give unexpected, enlightening and concrete answers.
Music as a tool for an inner opening has been fundamental.
To all my travel companions and to Maurizio thank you very much!!! (Matilde)

These last three days have closed an important and strange week for me. I still haven't lined up everything that started since last Sunday, but one thing I know for sure: I didn't find myself here and now by chance.
The workshop helped me see the direction in which to look, which was my desire in a moment of blockage, confusion and lack of energy.
It was very nice to be in contact with the group; despite being mostly a stranger, from the first moment I felt the sensation of being surrounded by people who loved me and in each one I caught some element that helped me complete my personal puzzle.
The game was truly magical, I will carry with me the feeling of well-being I felt closing today and the warnings to my self-sabotages, trying to be in presence and keep an open mind. A big thank you to everyone for accompanying me. (anonimo)

They have been three very intense days. I arrived with curiosity and freshness not really knowing what to expect or what it was about. I was surprised by the intensity of the work in so few days, certainly facilitated by the openness and trust that allowed me to fully immerse myself in the experience. The game of Maha Lilah has been a very powerful path that has allowed us to shed more light on the challenges and dangers on the spiritual path (…). I bring home a sense of continuity and conscious fluidity that I hope will continue to accompany me on the journey. (I.C.)

I am happy to have participated in this meeting which allowed me to reflect on various aspects of myself. I like to share with seekers and I liked being able to do it through the game (…). A nice, light and open atmosphere was created among the participants, including my daughter. Thanks for the experience! (Ludmila)

I arrived with many doubts about my future career. I think I had some answers inside me but I couldn't muster the courage to see and/or accept them. The question that finally allowed me to enter the game was already an answer for me (…). Thank you. (BA)

For me it was an opportunity to see my character dynamics, especially the way in which, indulging my ego, I return to the neurotic experience. This is why I find the slides towards the "lower" floors very interesting. I think that the game is a very functional experience to also involve people who are starting paths of self-knowledge because it can be experienced at different levels of depth, of introspection, the approach can be playful and light. It was also an enriching experience for the working group. Thank you. (Catia)

I am very happy to have experienced another way of doing personal work. Maha Lilah looks like a game but it's a deep work, a journey, my journey (...) It's truly a magical game, a bit like family constellations where other fields, other worlds enter around. Thank you Maurizio for these three days, it was a Christmas present. (Anna Nassisi - Livorno)

I started that meeting with the curiosity to deal with a game, something playful, different from the ritual therapeutic encounters characterized by suffering and negative emotions, and I end it with another game, this time a literary one which confirms the goodness of the format. (…)
What would I have missed if I hadn't come? Discovering that everything adds up, that the journey is a journey of life in which each stage must be lived because no day is the same as another, because it reserves new companions and new reflections for you. (…) Would I do it again? Yes, with certainty and curiosity because certainly the dice could take me elsewhere but I'm sure it would be a place consistent with what happened. (…) What do I bring with me? A little more warmth and awareness, a little new energy. What do I leave behind? A few toxins, some regrets, a few tears and many smiles. (Saverio Camilleri)

The boardgame opens spaces for transformation in the journey undertaken. It evokes wars and resolutions, it becomes Path itself. Powerful call back to obstacles that shows you without half truths. It's oracle. And I can't help but bow to life. (Melania)

I carry with me the difficulty in relating to others which has gradually weakened a bit. I bring the joy of having participated in a magical and revealing game that made me deal with my weakest parts but at the same time showed me how much beauty there is in my life, how much light illuminates it and directs it towards happiness I was able to bask in.
I am grateful to Maurizio for coming to Trento, I would have liked to have been followed and guided by him a little more during the game, this due to the fear inherent in me of not doing things correctly or missing out on something important… hence the teaching that I have to entrust and trust me. W la vida! (anonimo, workshop Trento 2022)

The mystery game of dice brought me into the presence of life. I felt unveiled on this journey, above all my short-sightedness emerged… to the squares so speaking that they told me everything and which I stubbornly deny within me. It has awakened my trust in the unknown, in the mystery and revealed my most intimate truth that represents me. I go home with messages and a clarifying intuition about my person's potential.
Grateful to Maurizio for the nice trip! I had a good time in the precise and comforting management, moved by the sweet and deep dances that made me feel present, thanks to Cora. With love and gratitude. (Alessandra Bergamo - Maha Lilah Trento 2022)

It was a journey, a profound journey to a place that I know well but that I hadn't observed in this way, "playing". I saw what I didn't want to see, I saw what I wanted to see. I had ballast that slowed me down, now I can travel lighter. I just have to try hard not to forget. I have to surrender to what is my truth. (Elena)

Maha Lilah is a profoundly wise "non-game". It shows you exactly where you are and demands the truth. To play you have to undress, show yourself and really feel what you are called to see and discover about yourself today.
It's a big mirror. It accompanies you in your shadows that you have not yet seen and calls them back to you until you have confessed everything. It accompanies you to see the path you are taking and the step you are called to take today and what are the resources to accomplish it. (Giulia Boato)

Gorgeous experience! I liked this light but also intense way of introspection, a song of the DIVINE.
I was able to observe where I am, what mistakes should not be made and how to learn from them. I always feel more benevolent towards the destiny and its program.
Reaching the goal is not the real goal, but making the journey, with lots of back and forth. I'm leaving with the joy of living. Thank you. (Amalia)

A beautiful opportunity to hear your wisdom and deep knowledge. I liked how you structured the seminar. Personally it would have helped and intrigued me to know more about each square, but maybe it's just the desire to hear more from you. Y love you. (Thomas)

I really enjoyed the work of these days, it was powerful. Power and strength are the two words I carry with me. It allowed me to review, stay, observe, feel, understand my character. Finding my neurosis again and finding tools that can help me in the transformation. I found solutions that I had already guessed in previous works, but in this case I WANT and I don't HAVE TO implement the tasks that I proposed. He also shed light on the dangers and obstacles I may run into along the way and this brings me back to the importance of my presence and attention. Thanks to all this and the movement work I was able to contact my strength, my body, my beauty and my power. Thank you. (Martina)

The most important thing for me was feeling in an atmosphere of great peace. The invitation to playful energy brought me warmth and peace, enthusiasm and lightness. Both accompanying and making the journey were experiences of presence, teaching and warmth. I was able to eviscerate another piece of me and I feel deeply grateful.
The feeling of sharing and brotherhood lasted even today and the Tandava was wonderful for the first time. A thousand thanks. (Yarda)

It was a nice surprise (I had no doubts). In summary, I felt a reconciliation with myself, but above all with my origins. Reconciliation that gives me peace, roots. I think it's an important step right now. (Luca Fumagalli)

Magic, colors, teachings, observations, listening. These are the words of this seminar (…). A taste that life is a game, not to take it too seriously, go through it, experience it. Trusting that things will come if our heart is open, there's no need to despair, it comes when it's time. Let yourself be carried away while remaining present to yourself. Look inside, stop seeing what others have, how they do, what they live, but take responsibility for your own journey. The dice, a companion. Thank you with all my heart. (Daniela Pegoretti)

This experience gave me the opportunity to have contact with myself, I find it a great gift because it is never easy to keep this contact. Maha Lilah has allowed me to work on the aspects of my being that limit me. The experience that amazed me the most was living at the level of "feeling" the squares of the basic level with extreme heaviness, but then when the game moved to the level of the opening (…) I really perceived even at the body level the change of energy. This has fostered a deep understanding of what can come when we are present and centered in the experience. (Ketty)

I arrived hesitantly and with an ancient eye on the word "game". It was one of the most intense journeys I've ever done.
It was an experience of great cleansing, especially in compassion for me. I walk out of here with greater strength and awareness. Thank you Maurizio, great facilitator, thank you Corita from my heart. (Giusi)

It was an important experience that allowed me to focus on the nodes of my ongoing process. The plan of listening and waiting for the right moment to play the game was itself part of the Journey that immediately resonated with the way I manage time in my life.
Being born and entering the flow of life with what "chance" allows to happen is the magic of existence. I have seen knots that I thought had already been worked where I still collected residues and I encountered surprises that opened cascades of reflections to me. It brought me back "into" myself and renewed the pact with myself. I am very grateful. (Sara Giovinazzi)

When you hear the call, it doesn't matter how much and if you understand where it takes you, the important thing is to follow it. And here I am in the right place. Welcoming, affinity, trust, letting go… This I have found and this I carry with me. (S.L.M.)

I take away with me a new awareness of internal obstacles that I must/want to overcome. Thank you! (DARIO DONATI - BOLZANO)

I am grateful for having encountered the oracular possibility of Maha Lilah because I felt mirrored and helped to recognize the area in which to work. I am grateful for the integration with Tandava and spontaneous movement because they are places that help me a lot to validate verbal experiences. (unreadable name)

The experience with the Maha Lilah in Trento was magical because the game showed me my life path, stage by stage, in an absolutely precise and decisive way, indicating what I shouldn't do or be to get to have a life more satisfying. What further struck me is the surgical precision with which the oracle indicated my life path, what it was and what it will be (…).
I believe that such a particular experience must be conducted by experts of emotions and personality such as Maurizio. I sincerely thank Maurizio and Cora for allowing me such a full constructive experience. (L.L.)

The Journey what a fantastic thing, which can be understood if we look at things with new eyes, is what happened embarking on the "game" (which is not a game), discovering and discovering yourself, it is a new opportunity. Discover in each other's gaze and trusting in something that has a kind of magic in it. Opening up without barriers, what allows you to do… the Maha Lilah! (anonimo)

It was essential to entrust myself to the oracle, preserving my interpretative independence, and recognizing it as an instrument that conveys something greater (...). Seeing and recognizing each other even in the dark sides was painful, but another important step on the path to truth. (A.D.C.)

The game is not a game, it is making what you already have inside (…). The board also revealed certain lies that I told myself, leading me back to redo the path. The work was intense. A more precious thing is the work on the body and the movement. (Anita)

One of the most enriching experiences in recent years. A "game" capable of uniting people with their experiences and intentions in a beautiful way. A cosmic magic inherited from our wise ancestors. (Morán M.)

The Maha Lilah has allowed me to explore and understand emotions that are rarely looked at in depth. It is like putting clear words on places that are a little unknown or rejected and bringing them to light (...).
The experience was beautiful and there was great generosity on the part of the facilitators and there was also a lot of patience and I agree that this is something that I have to integrate into my life. Patience with others and their processes, and genuine interest. Thank you so much. (Noelle)

Through the board I have been able to feel how much inner journey we carry inside and how much inner journey remains to be traveled, neither bad nor good, neither up nor down, “do travel” tell me the game, continue when you have to continue and stay when it is time.
Inspiring to be surrounded by all these sacred images, symbols and words for the whole weekend. There is no place to go, there is no place to stay. Let the game continue, which is where I can feel the essence of who I am, where I am from, and where I am going. (Cristina - Ibiza)

Being able to play to go deeper, being able to see each square as an opportunity, neither good nor bad, to continue advancing on the journey towards cosmic consciousness, being able to advance once something has been integrated but also go down when we have doubted it again; the eternal journey, ups and downs. Throwing the dice has also been a "divine" element for me since it is like leaving the will of my life to something superior to me that knows where I should go, stop or continue advancing.
I take with me a unique experience, a return to playing and being able to enjoy seeing myself, feeling and, accompanied by the group, going through what is less pleasant but necessary. The entire board, the entire game is magic if we put ourselves in a disposition to play. A totally recommendable experience for all seekers, to get to know and go through, through this game, stages, emotions and see where we got stuck. (Tita)

Grateful to Maha Lilah for leading me to find my child's innocence once again and showing me that by supporting her, life is kinder. Grateful to the guides on this trip for not letting me escape and accompanying me to touch the depth that the game showed me. Doing it in a group and traveling with the rest has enriched the journey and has taken us to the ports we needed. Thanks to the board, dice and synchronicity. (Geraldine Gómez)

The Maha Lilah has been capable of making me see the relationship of everything, even the remote, a tool for self-knowledge and deepening. One realizes that the microcosm is a reflection of the macrocosm and vice versa, even though we think to them as separate channels (...) the reality is that one is part of the whole and the whole of the one.
Great combination of experiential practices, play and breaks. (anonimo)

The game showed me what I feel I lack, hidden and present in me. I entered the game declaring a lack issue and came out of it accepting, thanking and showing my destiny and my fortune. The accompaniment from honesty and the genuinity, without giving me more of the same, of what I already have, of what I have already invented, of what I am asking to be given, led me to a truer place, to get light what is really in me and expose myself to the consequences. I am this, I appreciate it, I let it be seen and I allow myself to shine. (Patricia)

The fears of facing a workshop of the unknown generated countless doubts. It is the first time that I find self-knowledge. Fear is a wall, on the other side is the best, or not, but there is always something good.
It is my first step towards self-knowledge and the game showed me a lot, but above all that I must act!
Infinitely grateful! I leave being a new person and working to be ME. Thank you. (Matías Villegas)

The synchronicity between the game and the feeling or the reason for the consultation is incredible. The answers magically match. Chaos is ordered in each roll. What seems negative or banal becomes important to achieve the transcendent.
The game showed me the importance of living the earthly, of ordering everything earthly to achieve the spiritual. As spirituality is connected with the earthly, one does not exist without the other. (Anabella Mazini)

The game seemed enlightening to me. He showed me what did not allow me to move forward, which until then was a blind spot.
I arrived with many doubts, in complete confusion, and I leave centered, clear and grateful for having arrived here. Undoubtedly a very powerful tool to know where we are located in the inner world and what we need to SEE to move up a step.
Thanks to you, Maurizio and Virginia, for your dedication to the accompaniment, so that the field is ready for what has to emerge. Thank you for transmitting your wisdom and for the closeness and containment, for transmitting that confidence necessary to connect with the darkest part of that game that is life. (Valeria de Leon)

Connecting through the Maha Lilah with a gestalt therapeutic space was taking me on a playful journey between the mystical and sacred with the earthly and human. In my role as "guide therapist" the game tool made it enormously easier for me to be in the presence of my client, reaching moments of intersubjective meditation, where the Maha Lilah acted as a channel.
The magic, the wisdom of yesteryear, the synchronicity, the conscious company flowed in a Gestalt therapeutic framework, that's how I lived it. Thank you. (Fabricio Mendez)

The experience of playing Maha Lilah was extremely revealing, it allowed me to see myself more clearly, shining light on my blind spots, leading me to ask necessary questions that helped me connect with something more authentic. It also helped me to reaffirm my internal path and service, from a more complete, honest and humble place.
What happens in the Maha Lilah is magical, like life itself. Thank you Maurizio for opening the great door that is this game and taking me to a place closer to myself, to get in touch and take a beautiful opportunity to expand my consciousness. (Soledad García)

Playing Maha Lilah brought me a lot of information that I think will continue to decant and bear fruit for a while. The jewel that brings me is concrete actions that help me to recognize myself. It shows me the way to these actions. It has helped me to see the process that I have been going through in a panoramic way, this has allowed me to find the next steps to take.
It took me that in order to recognize myself I need to take a moment, register my body, get out of the automatic movement that makes me blur in front of another. Acknowledging that I'm fed up with my falsehood, and that at the same time leaving it has a cost. A part of that is connecting with sadness, fear and loneliness. I know that I need it to be more integrated and doing it accompanied, in a group, playing, gives me confidence and strength.
I take the task of connecting with the subtle, with my altar and my feeling, a little piece of magic from that game. (Eliana)

I came looking for a tool that serves as a trigger for those who want a change in their lives and do not dare to address it. When interacting, I discovered that it is much more: under a magical climate, the comparison with a card reading session arises in which the consultant is his own fortune teller, and does not see an isolated photo, but the film, forming part of a continuity, the one of the cycle that takes us to the beginning… (Daniel Paradiso)

Thank you for that group where being so different we were so equal, that just by being together we already helped each other in essence.
Thank you for including me in this brotherhood of Leela that emerged in this workshop during this wonderful and magical weekend...
And for helping us connect and learn about this self-inquiry tool. Thank you. (RAFA)

It was a very valuable time for me, to listen to myself and listen, share and walk in company from love, life and feeling. In search of well-being, feeling peace, personal growth, from the spirituality that I begin to feel in me, a new way of being and staying in this world. I feel gratitude, healing, liberation and inner peace. Thank you! (AINA)

I left the meeting moved, comforted and very grateful for the group that was formed and for those who were guiding us during the workshop, both Maurizio and Fresia. Thank you Maurizio, for bringing us this entertaining and creative form of self-knowledge, which has been in the world for so many years and now you bring it within our reach, it was a pleasure to share the space and see how the fruits of Claudio Naranjo continue making their own fruits, an indescribable sensation, a very beautiful circle and it is greatly appreciated. What I can say, beyond everything, is that it is a gift. I left trusting in the power of love again. (CATALINA)

First of all, I feel grateful for having been able to attend this workshop full of light and clarity.
In my personal case I have received the necessary answers to achieve progress in my goals.
"Enjoying the journey" has been a clear message that helps to fully understand what the game is showing us.
Thank you for offering this clarifying and effective workshop that puts the ego in its rightful place. (PACO)

The game is really enriching. It helped me get out of a rut, it showed me my current state of consciousness and how it manifests in my life. I have been able to deepen some things and I have found others. Interesting! It has also allowed me to reconnect with what I really feel: life is a game. And playing is a serious task but also a lot of fun. Infinite thanks to the great teacher Maurizio. (ANA LORENA)

Maha Leela is a very useful tool for self-knowledge. A different and entertaining way of questioning our vision and, with the invaluable help of our partner, being able to shed light on the corners of our minds that otherwise tend to remain in the dark.
An even more enriching experience due to the fact that we share the path with other seekers since we learn by adding experiences.
A meeting place where we can ask ourselves those questions, Who am I? What is my path? (XISCO)

After going through the experience I recommend it for its initiatory depth…
I have known Maurizio for years and I have always admired him as a friend, from him I have learned to open myself to something greater. With your feet on the ground and your head in the sky. (A.H.)

This game is very interesting, very deep, in the sense that it makes you think because of course, nothing is casual. I find it very stimulating. Maurizio seems to me to be a very good therapist, very respectful, you can see that he has experience because he has a very gentle way of approaching people, sometimes he has to ask a bit strong questions, but he always knows how to make the person not close in faced with a question that is a bit strong, a bit intimate. He knows how to win your trust and let you go, which is a very important quality. (ELISABETTA)

Thank you for the opening of my consciousness that triggered playing in the Maha Leela, through my emotions and recognizing them as mine. It showed me the way to go. Now I have to put it into practice by internalizing it. Thank you. (CRISTINA)

It was fabulous. The space was unique and Maurizio has a very special aura, he handles people with great care, lots of tools and an immense knowledge of people. He takes them by the hand and teaches them that tarot-type game, oracle-type, plus personal therapy, which is a very powerful tool and he knows it very well. I recommend the experience to everyone who wants to dig deeper into their blocking points and to see the path we have come to travel. (LEIRE)

For me the encounter with Maha Leela meant magic. The word is magic because there were impressive events. I am left with the desire to continue “playing” and to continue investigating. (PATRICIA)

Again I find in my path a tool to trust. The difference is that it stops you in unnoticed aspects and gives you the opportunity to become aware. An immense mirror where many of us recognized ourselves and accompanied each other in sharing our blockages. Magical encounter, I recommend it. (MANUELA)

For me, Leela has been an experience of rediscovering myself through the play of each person in the group.
It was also becoming aware of my limits and trusting my intuition to continue being more attentive and more present.
Thanks for everything! (ROSANA)

It helped me understand the moment in which I was passing, it gave me clarity about this moment. Very good accompaniment from Maurizio Cei, present, professional, loving, very good questions that made me get in touch with my issues that I had not seen and help me to clarify problems. I recommend the experience ”. (C.P. - Uruguay)

It was a very strong experience that opened many questions for me. I would recommend it ”. (A.T. - Chile)

"The Maha Leela workshop facilitated by Maurizio was for me a dynamic, profound and clarifying experience. Attending the workshop made it easier for me to contact questions that I was not addressing right now and also gave me a vision of the here and now and also direction. If you have the occasion I recommend you attend”. (Anna Escudé - Barcelona)

Maha Leela's session with Maurizio gave me openness, knowledge, self-observation. It was a powerful and revealing experience ”. (D.G. - Uruguay)

I feel that the experience gave me a connection with the present. Understanding of my feelings. Interpretation of events. It was very magical to see what was unveiling on the board... without having said it yet…" (M.S. - Mexico)

Lots of clarity, calm and guidance. I loved passing this experience and Maurizio's predisposition during the session. Thanks!” (N.C. - Argentina)

I really liked the experience because it allowed me to clarify myself about the moment I am living and to better understand certain aspects of myself that interfere in my path and to be able to better visualize how to continue. The game is surprising and magical, and the accompaniment of Maurizio from his look and knowledge allows to integrate what the game is unveiling ”. (L.M. - Chile)

I really liked it! Seeing the obstacle before, and then observing my mechanisms, is being of great emotional and spiritual help. Personal work is always very rich, and this tool is helping me a lot in seeing myself, seeing my mechanisms and trying to heal and modify them ”. (M.U. - Germany)

The session gave me clarity, confidence and confirmation. Thanks a lot!” (E.C. - Brazil)

The Maha Leela game made it easier for me to experience through the squares, what is my particular path of evolution to follow. Sharing it in a group meant for me to connect with the fact that, if there is consciousness, we are all on our own path of growth, at the same time that we are part of evolution as humanity. Without a doubt, a gift to participate in the workshop! " (Emma - Barcelona)

The Maha Leela proposal elaborated by Maurizio is an opportunity to consult an invisible oracle. Connect with the wisdom of your own life. You will go as far as your dedication to the game allows you. Maurizio's support during the traveler's experience brings lucidity, helps to illuminate blind spots and unblock knots”. (Agustín - Barcelona)

Playing the Maha Lilah allowed me to connect with my intuitive wisdom, it enabled me to trust and listen to the subtlety that lives in me. Abandoning myself to the fate, I understood that even in this "arbitrariness" there is a meaning, an order and an opportunity to work on one's own aspects. (P.S. - Uruguay)

I didn’t really know what to expect, but thank you very much because it all makes sense and helps me to go deeper in some aspects of me that I want to get free.
I really appreciate your accompaniment, the way you went with me trough this. It really helped me to mark out some blind spots that I couldn’t find by myself. I’m very grateful you to help me doing that. (F.S. - Swiss)

Incredible the wisdom that this game gives us in each session. A kind of Oracle to support the path of every seeker. I highly recommend it! (G.B. - Uruguay)

Knowing this game has been very revealing to me because it is a tool for self-questioning and reflection. It has helped me to look at myself from a more conscious and loving perspective. More authentic. The accompaniment of Maurizio and Fresia has been key to finding deep inner answers. It's a playful way of putting light on my current emotions and it has helped me a lot. I'm very grateful. (M. - Menorca)

A fantastic self-inquiry tool, and as you get into the game, with Maurizio's support, you understand the reason and why of certain situations in your life and by giving them light you can change the situation. Thank you for teaching me another way to see! (F. - Menorca)

Living the experience of playing Maha Lilah with you as a therapist has been a great opportunity for me. I lived it with a lot of gratitude, I feel lucky to have had this opportunity. Opportunity that at the same time, I knew and wanted to go through with profit, commitment, conviction, enthusiasm, dedication. The experience has been fantastic!!!
You knew how to accompany me with respect for time, spaces... and at the same time with the ability and desire to go deep. I knew that I wanted to go deep and you knew how to "stretch", be there, accompany, understand, respect... Your way of being with me in the game helped me enter, without fear and without qualms, as far as I could that day. You did not skimp on accompaniment and depth, and at the same time great respect. (A.M. Menorca)

For me, a tool that has allowed me to enter places that I don't see, but that are very present in everyday life, places so well known that I can't see them. Places so human and so belonging to everyone, so mine, that they escape me. It seemed to me a universal, timeless, current and immensely human tool. (Neus M. - Maha Lilah Mallorca Workshop, March 2023)

Wonderful experience, thank you for teaching me to go deeper, to know me, to love me and always with your company.
This magnificent game guides you on your way, with all the great things that spiritual love has, sometimes simpler and other times more hidden, always rewarding and full of knowledge towards yourself. (anonymous)

What an experience this of "playing" the Maha Lilah. It has surprised me because of how it has touched me, because of how the group's atmosphere has been created and above all because it has given me back what I needed. I'm happy, thank you!!! (E.T.)

I am very grateful for this experience. I wanted answers and the game has certainly given them to me. In an apparently playful way, the stones that I carry with me have been placed in front of me, showing me how they prevent me from living a full and happy life. It has been a hard but beautiful journey. Thank you, thank you, thank you. (M.P.T.)

A deep and enriching experience, which is disguised as a game, but which is much more than that. It's a different way of looking deep inside. (Miguel Angel)

What a beautiful serious game you have been! I didn't expect so much wisdom, I didn't expect you to take me by the hand with so much truth. Thank you. (OLGA)

Your slow accompaniment to the game was very good for me. Explanations, readings, meditations, movement allowed me to arrive ready and calm at the start of the game. Thank you. (STEFANIA)

A new enlightening experience for me. Emotionally strong but welcoming… You take away with you in your heart the people who have accompanied you on the journey… (TATIANA)

It was my first experience with the Maha Lilah and I found it very helpful. It's amazing how the squares represent aspects of us that we didn't know and how the group releases unexpected energies.
I recommend it as an experience for those who want to explore their Being beyond the usual and repetitive internal narrative. (ANTONELLA)

I leave this experience with the awareness that "No leaf falls without His knowledge”. (MIRNA)

The strength of the game is being able to capture the energy of the players, accompanying them along the way, convincing them that they are protagonists of life, forgetting that they are pawns in a bigger game. (SAVERIO C.)

Maha Lilah was a great discovery for me, or rather a way forward to understand where I am on the "spiritual journey". I'm glad I also opened this door to get to know myself better. Thank you with all my heart. (PAOLA T.)

This path was born for me from an existential need, perhaps that of naming what was and what will be. Only by picking up my avatar (a heart) did I have access to the game, almost as if looking and touching the heart were the warning to follow, to remember, to return home... (PATRIZIA)

It was truly an important journey. Amazing how things "get done" and how only the right question, asked with the right attitude, leads to an answer and an indication of the path to follow.
The Maha Lilah leads through concepts and images to an ever deeper journey; sometimes a loop looks like a dead end but it turns out it's like a spiral staircase, you go through the same square but at a higher or deeper level.
By allowing oneself to be permeated by the spirit of Maha Lilah, many elements of oneself can emerge which can thus be looked at from different perspectives, each time casting a clearer light on them.
At the conclusion of a very interesting experience, the desire to continue the journey remains, to meet new traveling companions. (ALESSANDRA C. - FERRARA)

I have seen what I can do to change the energy and clear the field. It won't be easy, as nothing significant in life is. Thank you for making it possible to see and see how to transform. I thank you for your presence, your ability to hold the field, your knowledge. Your kindness is so discreet and delicate that it moves me a lot. (ALESSANDRA CORTI)

I liked the Maha Lilah as a tool, as a guide to identify situations, emotions, obstacles that appear along the way, allowing me to be more aware and take concrete actions to advance on my path of search and awareness.
I loved Maurizio's way of working, he is very clear in his use of the tool, which allowed me to connect. Thank you! (ANA MILENA JOVES)

I take away a more genuine contact with my past emotions and a simple and profound guide to follow. (L.R. MONTEVIDEO)

The Maha Lilah game was a novelty, I was completely unaware of it.
In this encounter with play and the combination with group work, I think there is intense power. The game itself shows incredibly much of the experience in life, I was surprised with the information that Maha Lilah showed me. Regarding the methodology when applying the workshop, it is very good.
Work with the body, mantras, the group, tasks through words. I would add to deepen a book that accompanies with the meanings of each box (I feel that it is a personal need) perhaps it is not, consistent with the objectives, to know more about the meaning. Thank you very much for the task!! The board design is a beautiful piece of work.
(Maria Noel Palavecino)

After the workshop I am grateful and shocked.
A trip back to myself, the evidence of the spiral path, falling again and making the journey to my present. Stop from here and return to the path with more awareness and self-recognition. Learn that there are no shortcuts and that the path home is inevitable but you have to travel it slowly and truly. I leave happy and with homework. Beautiful and profound experience. Thank you.

The Maha Lilah has been an inner journey of my 43 years. I reconnect with the wound of my character, being moved by my child, whose emotionality was not looked at and sought to be seen taking responsibility for many situations that were a lot for me. Thank you for your always loving care and support so I can open up and dive inside myself feeling cared for and contained by you. Until next time.
(Adriana Rey)

Grateful for the invitation to the Maha Lilah experience and grateful because it allowed me to travel within myself. The trip was very synchronous with the stages of my life. I feel confident in this journey, in the supreme that guides it. I trust the people who drive it. Thank you Maurizio, Virginia!! Thanks Claudio!
(Daniela Gancio)

What allowed me to start playing was to lower my demand for intellectual things and what I considered I needed. In that request, first humiliating, then humble, I found my first teaching. Ask with really open hands. The unpredictability of the game, and the fact that there was no goal of “winning,” lowered any expectations and made me be more open to the messages, lowering my value judgment on the concepts. I did not see in the boxes, in the words, the meaning that I usually give from “good” or “bad”. Of every word, I thought, How much less of this? how much more of that? Being able to connect with both sides of the coin. I leave more confident on the path, lighter of mental burdens. I take as a challenge, transforming the ordinary into small and important steps towards enlightenment. As if the end could be tomorrow, or in a while and be at peace with the life I lived.
(Wanda Boljover)

I found it to be a formidable guide for my work on emotions.
It was almost an emotional audit brilliantly guided by Maurizio and with an exceptional traveling companion, Natalia, assertive, intelligent, brilliant. Thank you dear Maurizio!!!
(Sergio Minetti)

I take away information about some aspects of my character, my way of being, to continue delving deeper into them. I liked the workshop, as it is presented, I have no criticisms to make. (A.O.)

I found it to be a very profound tool, it clarified my vision of my life moment and helped me understand where to put my energy and where to focus my work. I feel that the potential of the game is enormous and inspires me to continue delving deeper into it. I also liked the focus of the workshop, the timing and the activities aimed at connecting with the purpose and the question to ask the game. This space allowed me to go deeper into the work.
I deeply appreciate Maurizio and Virginia's willingness to share their presence, their experience and their wisdom with us. I would recommend the workshop to all my loved ones. Thank you!
(Guzman Diaz)

I really liked the game, the tool as you presented it Maurizio. I felt very comfortable and cared for. I also really liked the way of interpreting the boxes with a Gestalt look. I will surely recommend it to my loved ones.
Things to improve: write the book and let me know so I can buy it before it runs out. I don't know if it would contribute, because it was very good to start playing without the guide of the meaning of each box, leaving us free to listen to what resonated with us. That was very good!
Thank you very much Maurizio it was wonderful to share these days with you!
We continue! (Maria Elena Bouvier)

I found it an eye-opening experience. Incredible how the energy that one puts into this Hindu game can reveal our feelings hidden from our consciousness.
And the somatic experiences (spontaneous body movements) that accompany the instance. They give a perfect complement to the game towards ourselves. I would say in summary that it is a game towards our inside. (N.S.)

I left motivated to meet my goal. It was possible to create an environment suitable for each person to delve into themselves and a warm climate of respect and collaboration. Very well organized and planned, the proposed methodology flowed. Commitment to the proposal that invited us to commit deeply to it.
(Sandra Queirolo)

I found it very useful and in line with the question and topic I decided to work on. I was surprised by the “coherence” of the game path related to the squares I landed on, the snake heads, and the arrows along the way.

I take away more clarity from the path I have been taking on my trip. That is, something like a more panoramic view. That perspective allowed me a kinder and detached perspective perhaps... which led me to feel more at peace with myself, lighter. I leave with a soft happiness. With more confidence that the virtues are gaining ground and if I give my body space, I find clues more clearly, to direct my actions in a more genuine way. Grateful. I feel very comfortable with your way of accompanying.

I have a unique and wonderful experience that combines spirituality and concrete earthly experience, which has allowed me to reconcile with the spiritual in me. A tool of ancestral self-knowledge applied to these times. I would have liked to have been able to buy the book along with the game. Thank you, Maestro.
(Federico Ramos)

It was an eye-opening experience. It allowed me to find moments in my life of great importance that needed special attention and during the workshop I was able to deliver them to them. I deeply lived the experience of working to be a light for myself and knowing what to do from consciousness and not from the mind.
(Sebastian Fonzo)

The Maha Lilah was a magical experience, the main thing that left me was the direct experience of this cosmic consciousness. In every throw, pass and action, the emotion and/or intimate situation that no one other than me could know was confirmed. I have found that the DIVINE is truly in the present with me, and only if I open my heart and take the time to listen to myself can I enter into the energy of this wonderful loving reality. GIULIANA

First of all, I appreciated that Claudio, from his altar, was there watching us, witnessing everyone's movements. I remembered you on my SAT2 and more precisely I relived with great admiration your spirit of service, your ability to disappear while remaining to guard the field. You are an inspiration for the Narcissus living inside me. Putting myself aside is in fact what I have photographed in these three days. It will be a spiritual practice of mine: growing up, becoming an adult, stopping complaining and holding on to the past and his wounds is damn complicated but it's the place I want to be.
I have also learned that I must trust and realize the power of others and therefore I want to celebrate the power of each of us, including my own.
Thank you for how you presented and narrated the Maha Lilah, the "science" applied to the spiritual path, the references to Hindu, Veda and Buddhist philosophy. If there had been more people following us I would have felt more looked after, but maybe it's precisely because I don't believe enough in the power of people. Love for the Truth. LORENZO BIASI

Pavese wrote: “Only those awarenesses that coincide with the things we already knew are true internal progress.” Well the game reminds me that the worry of giving a certain image of myself (the first square I fell into, vanity) takes away my energy to follow my needs. It allowed me to think about the real nature of my desires and my compassion, my excess of rationality and my haste (…). Thanks for this magic! ELEONORA BUSELLI

This game is a journey within oneself, ruthless in asking you for your truth, in accompanying you to discover it, to reveal it. It photographs the here and now, your internal barriers and the spaces of resource that life offers you. I bring home the awareness that the spiritual journey is a spiral that offers you to go deeper and deeper into the wounds but each time starting from where you are today. Every time it teaches me how spirituality is meaningless if not integrated into everyday life, into gestures, into the physical world, into the body. Thank you! GIULIA BOATO

I take a lot away! Providential errors, perhaps it is really true that errors do not exist. It's good for me to be generous (...) it's good for me and it's good for my children (...). I take away (great, great insight) that my earthly paradise is a life, a "place" where there is only the necessary and the useless that is good for you. Everything else out! I'm taking away a playmate who is the mirror of my daughter, of what she can feel in this family period. And finally I take away that I must lovingly detach myself from my ex-partner and father of my children (...). May he be happy and find peace! May I be happy and find my peace! CRI

I feel the need to clarify what I feel and what I want in life, otherwise I will remain still and watch life go by, as if I saw it outside a window, outside of me. Once again I found myself having to deal with my presumption: I think I already know how things will go, how this game works and how long it lasts, therefore how it "works" and how my life will unfold. I would have preferred to know before, but perhaps not knowing the times is also a lesson for me, just as it is not possible to predict the times in life. MASSIMO L.

I experienced the frustration of not being able to start, but this was also part of the journey. A journey to discover that my truth has to do with a wild, undisciplined, liquid, intuitive nature. I encountered this space and discovered the beauty, the strength, the pride of recognizing and valorizing it, trying to abandon the crazy idea that there is a right and a wrong action, a perfect or imperfect being. Support this nature without sabotaging myself and without having to prove anything. Before entering the other's gaze I reconnect with my wild mature self and support it. E.T.

An internal journey full of ideas to reflect on, lightened by the form of the game, where your teammates are not opponents to compete with, but are elements of support in your journey. It's a tool I didn't know about, I was invited to the event by another person and I was pleasantly surprised. I recommend it to anyone who is on a journey of personal growth and awareness of their own mechanisms.

The journey of the Maha Lilah, in revealing resistance and resources, brought me back to the origin, where the seed is potential and I open my eyes to the wonder of the infinitely small. And there I encountered the truth of the present moment. In a pure spot, dried from everything else. Thank you so much.

A journey through the game. The starting and ending points are discovered along the route. Recommended for everyone. From the heart.

As in all these profound works, it is difficult to say "I have no expectations". Work brought me back to the "here and now", to the difficult transition phase I’m living. I feel like I've made the leap into the new, but many threads still hold me back. It was painful to recognize it, humility is the main ingredient to nourish me and the confidence that I will overcome this existential step. The travel companion, the group and the hosts were incisive, but delicate, respectful and loving. I thank everyone and Cora who gave me the inspiration to participate.

It's a great, powerful tool that gives you the keys to continue your journey. It is a map, a journey where each stage is a call. I received important suggestions and answers. Thank you!

In the three days spent together with the Trento working group led by Maurizio and Cora I spent time with “family”. I found slowness, respect for others which is also mine. The game resulted in a journey inside myself; “joys”, “pains” and the understanding of where I am in life and also what path to take. Dense and sacred experience, guided in an impeccable but kind manner. Thank you very much for giving me this opportunity.

It was very powerful to see how Maha Lilah allows to look at critical points of our personality and unresolved problems, and how in some cases it presents you with the same theme over and over again so that you can go even deeper into observation and understanding, before continuing the journey.

Synchronizing the moments of your daily life is the teaching that I take away with me, to be implemented, together with the gratitude of the experience. Om shanti.

With joy and courage, to bring the beauty that I feel imprisoned inside me towards the surface of the body and slowly, tenderly, let it come out in a song, a voice of light that dances in the cosmos.

I didn't know what this game was, what I had buried for a long time suddenly emerged. I will have to reflect on it and take note of everything that happened to me. The moments of community relaxation made me understand that we are one in this world. Thank you all for this!
I will work on compassion, a great word for me, used to always overcoming all difficulties without ever asking if it's okay with you, actually knowing that it's okay like this! Working together helps to break down some barriers, making it easier to talk and accept help. Thanks to Maurizio and Cora for leading all this.

They were 3 intense days, full of emotions, positive and negative. Thanks to this journey, however, I have achieved a greater awareness of myself. I don't know when I will be able to achieve the goals I have set for myself, I only know that I want to try with all my soul, I think I owe it to myself and the people I love. I want to free myself from these patterns and make my life better. I wouldn't change anything about this workshop, I found it perfect as it is. It's something that can't be described unless you experience it first hand.

I take home a lot of self-awareness from this seminar. Also aware of the error, if things happen there is a reason. Try to dig deep, listen to each other, listen, accept, welcome. This allowed me to take time for myself, to truly be with myself, to see myself and become aware of behavior and thought patterns that I apply in my life on a daily basis. See, stop, become aware to change, move. Thank you, truly thank you.

What can I say, immersive, emersive, unpredictable, how is the journey of life. Thank you for this experience. Giving you trust comes from the beautiful authenticity you transmit... we need it!

I still wonder if it's real. The perfect correspondence between the game and its answers, where I am now with my problems and my aspirations. It's not finished yet and I feel full of indications to rethink, to contact again. It was very nice.

It is not a game but a very clear inner journey. It is also very interesting to discover your partner's journey, the other's journey is almost clearer, like reading a story, a book. There are many emotions, perhaps too many, to digest over time. A great teaching, a gift of the imagination of life.