It helped me understand the moment in which I was passing, it gave me clarity about this moment. Very good accompaniment from Maurizio Cei, present, professional, loving, very good questions that made me get in touch with my issues that I had not seen and help me to clarify problems. I recommend the experience ”.
C.P. (Uruguay)

It was a very strong experience that opened many questions for me. I would recommend it ”.
A.T. (Chile)

"The Maha Lilah workshop facilitated by Maurizio was for me a dynamic, profound and clarifying experience. Attending the workshop made it easier for me to contact questions that I was not addressing right now and also gave me a vision of the here and now and also direction. If you have the occasion I recommend you attend”.
Anna Escud
é (Barcelona)

Maha Lilah's session with Maurizio gave me openness, knowledge, self-observation. It was a powerful and revealing experience ”.
D.G. (Uruguay)

I feel that the experience gave me a connection with the present. Understanding of my feelings. Interpretation of events. It was very magical to see what was unveiling on the board... without having said it yet…"
M.S. (Mexico)

Lots of clarity, calm and guidance. I loved passing this experience and Maurizio's predisposition during the session. Thanks!
N.C. (Argentina)

I really liked the experience because it allowed me to clarify myself about the moment I am living and to better understand certain aspects of myself that interfere in my path and to be able to better visualize how to continue. The game is surprising and magical, and the accompaniment of Maurizio from his look and knowledge allows to integrate what the game is unveiling ”.
L.M. (Chile)

I really liked it! Seeing the obstacle before, and then observing my mechanisms, is being of great emotional and spiritual help. Personal work is always very rich, and this tool is helping me a lot in seeing myself, seeing my mechanisms and trying to heal and modify them ”.
M.U. (Alemania)

The session gave me clarity, confidence and confirmation. Thanks a lot!”
.C. (Brasil)

The Maha Lilah game made it easier for me to experience through the squares, what is my particular path of evolution to follow. Sharing it in a group meant for me to connect with the fact that, if there is consciousness, we are all on our own path of growth, at the same time that we are part of evolution as humanity. Without a doubt, a gift to participate in the workshop! "
Emma (Barcelona)

The Maha Lilah proposal elaborated by Maurizio is an opportunity to consult an invisible oracle. Connect with the wisdom of your own life. You will go as far as your dedication to the game allows you. Maurizio's support during the traveler's experience brings lucidity, helps to illuminate blind spots and unblock knots”.
ín (Barcelona)

Playing the Maha Lilah allowed me to connect with my intuitive wisdom, it enabled me to trust and listen to the subtlety that lives in me. Abandoning myself to the fate, I understood that even in this "arbitrariness" there is a meaning, an order and an opportunity to work on one's own aspects.
P.S. (Uruguay)