Maha LilahThe activity lends itself equally to individuals, groups or systems, as well as an individual in a group.

The session can be individual, but also as a couple or collective (a group, a team, a family, etc) with the aim of clarifying the contributions of each of the components to the functionality / dysfunctionality of the system and the possibility of asking questions on behalf of the same institution, organization, group etc...

Timeframe and methods can be flexible, oriented to the different needs.


Intensive 3-day workshop in which each participant works on personal issues and goals within the group.

systems and teams

Consultation can be requested by a couple, a group, a system, a team. In such cases the purpose is common and we investigate how the specificities of each component of the group can block or hinder its development or contribute to the evolution of the system's level of consciousness.

Maha Lilah

This mode is particularly suitable for working on the evolutionary issues of a group.

individual sessions

(face to face and online)

A Maha Lilah session lasts 3 hours.

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